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The smell of damp concrete and sloshing car tires permeate the lazy dawn rush.

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Twinkling puddles reflecting rippling red and green Christmas lights. The unforgiving December wind pulls on my polka dot umbrella as I scurry along the busy intersection crossing like a ladybug cowering from rain. Pink fingers, grey breath, soggy leaves stuck to heels. Stray, spaghetti-like strands from my taut ponytail get caught somewhere between the folds in my eyelids.

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Once on the other side, I pull out my cracked iPhone, squinting through my drizzle-drenched glasses. Back corner. There are only two locations in all of Victoria, and we used to frequent both.

Penis sergey lazarev I screw up that fifty-fifty chance? A thirty-minute window granted to try delicately climb inside without cutting myself on my own words in the excruciating art of small talk. Is today a good time to speak to her about that… thing that happened on the last week in uni? It hurts to even think penis sergey lazarev spikey memory, its tips growing sharper by the month.

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Will her face go pale when I bring it up? Will she get mad?

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Flip out? I wince as the intimidating row of car lights sting my pupils, yet the sight of a red-haired mascot wakes me up just as much. One with a sunroom jutting out of its backside.

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Will she even remember it happened? What about all those times I never texted her back since ? All those times my reply-anxiety got the better of me.

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What if she secretly hates me? Upon flinging open the front doors, my thick-rimmed glasses fog up right away, and the oily waft of meat and friers stick to my yellow raincoat just as quick. My stomach gurgles. Checkered tiles line the walls. Wooden chairs with ripped cushion seats.

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Sun-bleached menus above the penis sergey lazarev cashier. Dim, dank, impenetrable from change. A fast-food time machine. A slight electric tremor fills my visible breath. Why am I so damned jittery? Lily sent the text late last night, so I can use the short notice as an excuse.

Still, this better not turn into a tennis match on our respective post-university prosperities.

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Watchful of my step and the slick layer of grease lining the tiles, I descend into the lowered floor. As her text said, in the very back corner sits a petite, pretty, ginger-haired woman glued to her cell phone. Some things never change. A warm smile spreads across my cheeks.


Snakes coil her forearm, stemming from the roots of a Medusa tattoo peeking out between a faux leopard-print jacket.

Small but mighty with a face full of MAC, Lily looks out of an alternative timeline where the Wendy girl had an emo phase, went to university, got a decent job outside of the family business, and is now visiting her hometown for Christmas.

Wish I could say the same. Wow, how have you been? Too long! How long? Four years? Where did you get it? A friend bought it for me off my Amazon Wish List. Feel it, feel it.

Look at the detail on the cuffs. Unleashing a grimace, Lily fumbles around in her pocket before whipping out her gigantic Samsung Galaxy—external battery pack and all.

She flips a mute button, then pockets the thick device. Sorry, girl.

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So, do they even serve breakfast here? What would you like? Absolutely not.

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It was so late when I got her out-of-nowhere message that I hardly had time to question the time she chose. Misery loves company, I suppose. C-Can I get a burger? Small Coke, please. Lily, now giving center stage to her own intimidating ink, has stripped her jacket, placing it in an uneven, awkward bundle on the second table in our corner.

Enjoying your time off? When do you go back to the mainland?

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Victoria is graced with my presence for a few nie lubię penisa days. Feel like we have a lot to catch up on. Is it too dlaczego występuje erekcja rano to get into the meaty stuff? Yeah, way too early. We need a bugger. I grit my teeth as rain drums against the glass beside us. Condensation climbs it, casting a frigid chill on my cheek.