Yet there is more to Jeremy than his nine-inch penis.

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In addition to be being perhaps the most famous male porn actor of all-time — the only one who compares is the late John Holmes — Jeremy, 60, has been credited as recording artist, a book author, a reality TV star, a public speaker and even an animal rights activist.

In this Metal Sludge exclusive, Jeremy checked for a candid chat, and we found him in a great mood. Anything more is gravy. Adult Video News named me the No. You could suck your own dick. Tell me about this.

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Is anyone in the room? I told my dad about it, and he said to just wait until I was 18 for a girl to kiss it for me. I was fit and muscular when I was really young, just all muscle but very thin, so I could bend over and kiss it.

But then I discovered buffets.

Before that though, she was a spy in World War II, and how many people can claim that about their mother? She did intelligence work in Germany. He looked at it as a means to an end. At first, I was trying to make it as a regular actor in mainstream theatre, and he appreciated that.

Ron Jeremy

Do you remember? I just did a Miley Cyrus tape, and it was getting two million hits a day, high-profile stuff. DeVille and the guys from Nelson. The Nelson guys had told me you brought them to a porno shoot. Slash and Axl, too.

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I was the manager of Queeny Blast Pop which had Lesli Sanders in the band, and you used to always introduce the band onstage. I even put some of their music in the John Bobbit movie. And plus, there are a lot of non-sex roles.

What are your thoughts?

Did you know him well? He had actually contracted HIV, though, and he knew he had it when he went to Europe and did some sex scenes there, and that was bad karma for him.

But like I said, he was a good guy as far as I was concerned, hangin out with with the boys, a fun guy just like everyone else. She was gorgeous with an amazing physique but was just approaching 18, so she was too young, and that was a scandal of course.

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Everyone had to take her films off the shelf. No one in the ron jeremy penis size knew. She surprised everyone.

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I guess she found someone else, someone older, who looked like her. I do remember her. She was on TV not long ago, and she was so out of it, Ron. What the heck is wrong with her?

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Nah, just kidding. The alphabet.

Wczesne lata[ edytuj edytuj kod ] Przyszedł na świat na Long Island jako Ronald Jeremy Hyatt [13] [14] [15] w nowojorskiej dzielnicy Queens [16] w żydowskiej [17] rodzinie jako syn Arnolda Hyatta [18]. Wychowywał się z siostrą Susan [19].

I did it once, and it worked. You must have an opinion.

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I had some wonderful jobs with him. One of first things I did was being a centerfold in Hustler. As for being a champion of free speech and causes, he was a visionary because he made it OK, by fighting it in supreme court, to insult celebrities with no repercussions, and that opened the door for David Letterman and Jay Leno and all these others. He made it OK to satirize and ron jeremy penis size almost anything.

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He was a visionary, neurodermit na penisie. Your thoughts? DeVille for a long time.

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I think he moved to Chicago. Porn actors get a raw deal in many ways.

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I always joke with Sammy Hagar about it, because he has his tequila, and I have my rum. Me, a couple of times. It works.

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Here is something: You want to give her head until she climaxes before she ever sees your penis. Definitely give her head first, then show your penis.

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It keeps the mystery going.